Structure and Composition of LED Chip

- Sep 19, 2019-

LED chip, also known as LED chip, is called CHIP in English. It is the main material for making LED lamp (LED LAMP), LED DISPLAY, LED BACKLIGHT. It consists of GaP, GaAlAs, GaAs, GaN and other materials. Its internal structure is a PN junction with a single PN junction. Electrical conductivity.

1. The function of the chip: The chip is the main component material of Lamp and the semiconductor material of luminescence.

2. Composition of the chip: The chip is composed of GaP, GaAlAs or GaAs, GaN and other materials. Its internal structure has unidirectional conductivity.

3. Material of LED Chip


Note: Group III elements are P-type materials, Group V elements are N-type materials, and chip materials are mainly compounds of Group III and Group V elements.

Welding pads for chips are usually gold pads or aluminium pads. The shape of the welding pad is round, square and cross.

The luminous color of the chip depends on the wavelength (HUE). The common visible light types are dark red (700 nm), dark red (640-660 nm), orange red (615-635 nm), amber (600-610 nm), yellow (580-595 nm), yellow green (565-575 nm), pure green (500-540 nm), blue (435-490 nm), purple (38. 0-430nm). White and pink light are a mixture of light. The most common is a mixture of blue + yellow fluorescent powder and blue + red fluorescent powder.

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