36W White 1x4 LED Flat Panel Light

36W White 1x4 LED Flat Panel Light

36W White 1x4 LED Flat Panel Light Introduction Kingliming 1x4 LED Panel Light is using high quality materials, now with ETL, DLC listed and 5 years guarantee, its unique advantage is that we using 0.5W Epistar SMD2835 as light source, then only make it to 0.2W per light source, so ensure its...

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Product Details

36W White 1x4 LED Flat Panel Light


Kingliming 1X4 LED panel lamp is made of high quality materials. It has been listed in ETL and DLC for 5 years. Its unique advantage is that we use 0.5W Epitar SMD2835 as light source, then only make it reach 0.2W per light source, thus ensuring its high luminance performance (110 lm/w to 120 lm/w) and long life.


Product Number


Input Voltage

AC110V or AC120V

Light Source

240pcs SMD2835




1x4 ft (D*L*W 302*1213*10mm)

Light Color

Warm White/ Pure White/ Cool White


3000K-3500K/ 4000K-4500K/ 5000K/ 6000K-6500K


110lm/w to 120lm/w





Power Factor


Beam Angle

120 Degree


Yes (0/1-10V, PWM, Triac Dimmable is optional)

Color of Frame

White or Silver painting




1. High lumen efficiency, optional 110 lm/w and 120 lm/w

2. Embedded, suspended and surface mounted installation can be selected to meet different application and installation requirements.

3. White finished frame or silver finished frame is optional


1. Is only white color available for your led panel light?

Beside white color, silver color also available, even black color.

2. Is there any accessories?

In addition to concealed installation, there are also hanging wire racks, open-fitting and other accessories.

3. Is your led panel light dimmable?

Yes, it is adjustable and non-adjustable is optional.

Kingliming Technology now provides customers with high quality adjustable 1X4 LED flat lamp from its professional factory with long service life and low voltage. With high quality products and services, we are one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured that wholesale LED lamps of this quality will be sold with us.



LED flat lamp is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, shops, museums, libraries, factories, offices, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, advertising rooms, automobiles, trains, ships, vehicles, etc. It can make the industry clear, reduce energy consumption, and give you a green lighting. Environmental Science.

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