Led Panel Light 4inch 12W ETL Energy Star Certificated

Led Panel Light 4inch 12W ETL Energy Star Certificated

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Led panel light 6inch 12W ETL energy star certificated

Flat light, good flat, ultra-thin, dimming, stable, mobile phone, no flash, we export more than 200,000 a year, of course, we can also customize the flat light required by customers.

1,Using ultra-high brightness 2835LED SMT patch as the light source, it contains 180 lessons per meter.

2, the use of optical fog mask-like mask, high brightness, large angle, uniform light

3, the use of unique heat dissipation aluminum structure, thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, to ensure long product life

4, soft light, pure spectrum, high color rendering index, no UV. Radiation such as infrared rays does not hurt the eyes.

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