ETL Energy Star 3'' 8w Gimbal Downlight 36degree

ETL Energy Star 3'' 8w Gimbal Downlight 36degree

Product Details

ETL Energy star 3'' 8w gimbal downlight 36degree

750 Lumens Equivalent to a 75 Watt Incandescent, Fully Rotatable Head to allow you to direct the light to your needs

Dimmable, 4000K Neutral White Color Temperature 

8 Watts Energy Consumption, 120 Volts AC

ETL  Approved, Energy Star Listed, Can be used in damp locations

3Year Warranty, Dimensions: 5.1" Diameter x 3.3" Height


LED gimbal light.jpg



3 inch gimbal downlight jpg


color temperature

      gimbal downlight led.jpg2700K-6500K 对比图

The different color temperature of  2700K -6500K 


energy star of downlight.jpg

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