12v Spotlight Led Mr16 Bulbs

12v Spotlight Led Mr16 Bulbs

Kingliming offers latest energy saving and high quality 12v spotlight led mr16 bulbs with New COB LED. Our small size led spot light mr16 gu5.3 ac and dc12v, ac120v, ac230v voltage high power strong light led mr16 for optional, welcome to contact us about how to order.

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Something about MR16

The MR16(sometimes used as an interface, called mr-16 or GU5.3) is a standard halogen reflector lamp developed by many manufacturers. LED lights in the MR16 model are also visible today.

MR16 lamps are often used to replace compact fluorescent or standard incandescent bulbs in applications including residential and retail lighting.

MR16 lights were originally designed to be used in slide projectors.

They are suitable for a variety of applications requiring directional lighting of low to medium intensity, such as tracking lighting, recessed ceiling lights, lamps, chandeliers, lamps, landscape lighting, retail display lighting and bicycle headlights.

Application for mr16



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MR16 is a classification number where "MR" is a Multifaceted Reflector. 16 represents the length of the front diameter in multiples of the number of units of length. Specify 8 units of length to be 1 inch. Take MR16 for example, the front diameter is 16 units long, the front diameter is 2 inches, that is, 2x2.54cm =5.08cm, the diameter is about 5 cm long.

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