2019 Keyang Mission Building Tourism

- Aug 13, 2019-

The autumn is so cool and fruity, it is just a good time to traveling. In order to enhance employee happiness and unity and cohesiveness, as well as to share the development results of the company, on August 9, the company organized a two-day group building tour which go to  Shenzhen Tung Chung  for employees in 2019.

During the tour, the company's president and management walked with us, from the determination of the location of the tour to the arrangement of the accommodation and schedule, and made careful and meticulous planning, and we must pay attention to safety. 

On the 9th of the Keyang Tour Group, the beautiful Tung Chung Beach, the sun, the beach, the blue sea and the blue sky, the colleagues are all happy to swim in the water and feel the embrace of the sea. In the evening, the team organized a barbecue, and everyone worked together to eat and talk in a lively atmosphere. The next day, our party came to the famous geological museum, visited all kinds of rare and precious stones, and understood the origin culture behind it, let us expand our horizons and have many longings and awe of nature. Happy time is always very short. During these two days of travel, everyone laughed and laughed and took pictures. On the afternoon of the 10th, we returned safely. The tour was successfully concluded.

In this group building activity, everyone united and loved each other and helped each other. It reflected a good spiritual outlook. While relaxing, it expanded a lot of knowledge and enhanced cohesiveness, happiness, and belonging. Kingliming hopes that in the future, employees will be able to create success with more enthusiasm and spirit, strive for excellence, and work together with the company to grow together and develop together.


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