A Brief Analysis Of How To Pick A Good LED Light Just From Appearance And Simple Testing

- Jan 16, 2017-

A Brief Analysis of How to Pick a Good LED Light Just from Appearance and Simple Testing

How to pick a good LED Light just from appearance and simple testing? Let’s check it from following 4 steps.


First step is checking the package of LED Light. Normally factory will mark Rated Input Voltage, Voltage Range, Rated Wattage, Rated Frequency, Certifications etc on package base on customers’ requirement. Usually superior LED Light comes with high quality print, clear printed character and mark which is not able to wipe off when even using wet towel. And if bad print, usually it shows fuzzy printed character, some of LED Light even doesn’t have a company mark or any certification mark.


Second step is simply looking the appearance of LED Light. Take LED GU10 as an example, and assume it is aluminum and fin design LED GU10 Spotlight, you could check the metallic luster, the process, the thickness of fin, the touching, even weight it simply with your hand. If condition allows, you could put some LED Spotlight together from different factory with different standard, then could have a direct comparison.


Third step is testing the temperature. After a LED Light working a few minutes, touch the lamp shell, if temperature is low or at range temperature, then it is ok. If temperature is very hot, then it is likely will affect lifespan of LED Light.


Fourth step is interference testing. When LED Light Working, you could open a radio and put it around the working LED Light. Lower noise of radio, better quality of LED Light it is.


Though above 4 steps, we should able to pick a Good LED Light.

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