Advantages Of Cold Forging Aluminum 7 Watts MR16 GU10 PAR16 LED Spotlight

- Jan 06, 2017-

Advantages of Cold Forging Aluminum 7 Watts MR16 GU10 PAR16 LED Spotlight


 Our 7W cold forging aluminum LED Spotlight attracts lots of customers and consumers due to the latest technology and the advantages bellow


1.       The coefficient of thermal conductivity of the cold forging aluminum is 230, it is 80 only for the normal die-casting aluminum and it is much lower for the plastic coated aluminum. Therefore, by using the cold forging aluminum as the heat sink of the led spotlight, it can  take  the heat out of the housing instantly from the heat sink. Thus it get the led’s temperature very close to the outside of the housing ‘s temperature, so it get the led’s life more longer .


2.       The Plastic base with opening window, using the stack principle, let the air can form convection, can take away the heat, at the same time window can be formed and the cup body is separated from the power supply, making the drive and the lamp cup body form thermoelectricity separation, greatly improving the driving power of life.


3.       With the above advantages, the heat dissipation can be perfect and ideal for the pure aluminum LED MR16 GU10 PAR16, it can be the powerful 7w, with more than 600lm, while it can be made 5w only to keep its performance  well and safety, its lifespan will be discounted more if make it be 7w.


4.       It works well for the dimmable pure aluminum 7w LED Spotlight PAR16 (GU10&MR16), which adopts digital dimming technology and be compatible with most of dimmers, like LUTRON, LEVITON, etc. Especially for the LED MR16 Spotlight, it can be compatible with electronic transformer in dimming and can be dimmable working with iron-core transformer.


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