Advantages of LED Gimbal Downlight

- Dec 30, 2016-

There are many differences between gimbal led lights and common led ceiling lights. Differences are as below.

Firstly, it looks like not only bull eye but also fish eye. So the led retrofit gimbal also called led bull eye light and led fish eye. Stereo vision is very beautiful.

Secondly, it is very hard to be rotated for the ordinary led downlights. But it is easy for the led adjustable gimbal. As it adopts infinite rotating technology, which can be adjustable downward 45 degree to any direction. As long as you touch the lens gently and set the angle, it can light everything below the led eyeball light. The recessed lighting eyeball won’t change the lighting direction if we don’t touch the eyeball. When rotating, the eyeball led downlights and the lens connects seamlessly, which looks like our eyes rotated beautifully.

Finally, the pot lights use super high bright COB. 8W eyeball light can reach to 750lm. It can be replaced the traditional halogen lamps.

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