An Introduction Of LED Spotlight

- Feb 20, 2017-

1 The Optical Features of LED Spotlight

LED is the half width of monochromatic light is very large, because the semiconductor energy gap decreases with the increase of temperature, so it's peak emission wavelength with the increase of temperature increase, the spectral redshift, the temperature coefficient of +2~3A/. LED luminous intensity L is proportional to the forward current. The current increases, and the brightness of the light increases.


2 The Characteristics of LED Spotlight

A, Energy Saving: The power consumption of same effective lumen LED Lamp is only 10% of incandescent lamp, even energy-saving than fluorescent lamp (CFL).

B, Long Life: LEDs can work 50 thousands hours, much much longer than the fluorescent lamp and the incandescent lamp.

C, Dimmable Function: Light regulator has been previously for incandescent lamps, incandescent lamp dimming time line is red; it is difficult to see the fluorescent light dimmer, which is the main reason for dimming technology for many years without development; now LED can also dim the light, and whether it is bright or dark is the same color (color temperature basically unchanged), dimming which is much better than incandescent lamp.

D, Frequent Switch: Lifespan of LED Lamp is counted by the lighting hours, even if the switch is on thousands of times per second does not affect the lifespan of the LEDs, in the case of the need for frequent lighting decoration, LED lamp has an absolute advantage.

E, Colorful Colors: There are White, Warm White, Red, Green, Blue and other colors, whether it is the living room for the small lights beside the headlights dotted or neon lights are bright.

F, Low Heat: Like a conventional spotlight, a lot of 220V lamp with not just a few days is broken because of fever. 12V halogen lamp heat quantity is lower than that of 220V but also because of the spotlight, with the reason of lack of power transformers, its brightness is less than the nominal value. With LED lamp, it can work for a long time even without the transformer. Better, some of our LED MR16 even compatible with electronic and magnetic transformer


3 The Classification of LED Spotlight

Most of LED Spotlight is LED MR16 (GU5.3), which called the pin type MR16, distinguished by light foot, including E26, E27, GU10 etc.


4 Lifespan of LED Spotlight

Thanks to solid light-emitting means, lifespan of LED Spotlight mainly depends on solid LED energy-saving light source and drive cooling, the life of LED light source has up to 100000 hours (LED Spot Light) with a lot of popularity of the continuous development of LED technology and application technology, in the drive and cooling can reach the ideal state. Commercially available high-quality LED lighting hours basically reached 10000-50000 hours, almost 10-50 times of the halogen lamp.


LED Lighting products, saving more than 80%, is almost maintenance free, there is no need to frequently replace parts, about half a year down the cost savings can be exchange cost. The green environmental protection type semiconductor electric light source, the light is soft, the spectrum is pure, is advantageous to the worker vision protection and the health.

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