Beauty of Kingliming Gimbal LED Light

- Dec 28, 2016-

There are many different aspect between Gimbal LED Light and traditional ceiling light, following let’s take a look from some aspects.

First, look from front, it looks like a bull eye, hence it also call LED Bull Eye Light and LED Eyeball Light, and its appearance is very stereoscopic.

Further, comparing with traditional ceiling light which has a difficult rotatable function, Kingliming LED Gimbal Light has an excellent no-pole rotation function, 45 degree to any direction. Only a gently touch, the lamp head can switch to objects which need to light and fixed the lighting direction until next needed rotation. There is only a very very small space between lamp head and fixture when rotating, just like rolling a white ball, very elegant.

Finally, as it is using super bright 8W COB light source, lumen of our LED Eyeball Light up to 750lm, can easily replacing traditional 70w halogen.

Kingliming Technology now brings customers high quality Dimmable COB 8W LED Gimbal Light with long lifespan and low voltage from its professional factory. Thanks to the high quality products and excellent service, we are well-known as one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to wholesale this quality LED lights for sale with us.

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