Characteristics Of The LED Light Source Applied In Reality

- Nov 09, 2016-

1. Voltage: LED low voltage power supply, power supply voltage between 6-24V,varies depending on the product, so it is a high pressure

Power LED light source more secure power supply, especially in public places.

2. Efficiency: reduced energy consumption compared with luminous efficiency of an incandescent 80%

3. Applicability: very small, each LED patch is 3-5mm square, so thedevices can be prepared into a variety of shapes, and suitable for variable environment

4. Stability: 100,000 hours of light attenuation for the initial 50%

5. Responsetime: the response time is milliseconds of incandescent and LED lights for nanosecond response time

6. Environmental pollution: no harmful mercury

7. Color: change the current color, led easily through chemical modification methods, adjusting the band structure and band-gap materials, achieving red yellow green blue orange-colored glow. Such as small currents in red LED, as the current increases, followed by Orange, yellow, and finally to the Green

8. Price LED the price is not expensive

9. Drive: LED low voltage DC electric drive, has the advantage of load and weakinterference, on the use of lower environmental requirements

10. Color high: LED color high will not cause harm to the eyes

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