Cold-forging Aluminum 7W MR16, GU10 And PAR16 Led Spotlights

- Jan 04, 2017-

The heat conductivity of cold-forging aluminum is 230. Die cast aluminum is 80. But the plastic coated aluminum is lower. So we use cold-forging aluminum as heat sink, which can transmit the heat to the lamp cup outside. Therefore, the temperature of led chip and the lamp outside are nearly closed, which makes the lifespan of the led chip will be longer.

There are some windows in the plastic base. We use chimney theory-let the air become convection and give out the heat. Windows make separately the driver and housing. Driver and housing come to being heat and electricity separately, which extend the driver lifespan.

With the above advantages, the cold-forging aluminum MR16GU10 and PAR16 can reach to 7W, and the lumen is more than 600lm. But the die-cast and plastic coated aluminum only reach to 5W. If 7W, their lifespan will be decreased.

Finally, the dimming of cold-forging aluminum lamps is very well, which makes digital dimming technology can compatible with most of dimmer, such as Lutron and Leviton. Especially for MR16,it can compatible with Industrial Frequency Transformer.

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