Comprehensive Analysis Of LED Spotlight Part 2

- Apr 10, 2017-

Spotlight is a typical non main lamp, the scale of the modern school without lighting, can create an indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combined, the light can change wonderful patterns. Due to the small light can be freely changing angle, the effect of the combination of lighting is also changing. Light spot light, but also local lighting, foil atmosphere.


The author in the comprehensive analysis of LED spotlight lamps (on), the article made a brief introduction to the LED spotlight technology, specifications and structure have a further understanding. If you want to better use LED spotlights, but also need to pay attention to what the problem? Below, with author together with you to explore the knowledge about the LED spotlight.


(a) LED spotlight purchase knowledge

According to the light spot size can be divided into PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 these kinds of commonly used lamp holder has GU10, E27, E14 and so on, this kind of spotlight is the use of 85~265VAC power supply. In addition, there is a MR16 spotlight, the lamp cap is GU5.3, is the use of 12VAC power supply, the front end there is an electronic transformer or power transformer will be converted to 12VAC 220VAC.


The angle of the spotlight is generally below 65 degrees, mainly for local lighting, lighting and other places. Most of the manufacturers LED spotlight angle is concentrated in 12 degrees, 24 degrees, 36 degrees of these range.


According to the "GB 50034-2004" the design standard of building lighting, indoor lighting color temperature of light source can be divided into three groups, less than 3300K for the warm, suitable for rooms, bedrooms, rooms, bars and restaurants; 3300K ~ 5300K as intermediate color, suitable for office, classroom, reading room, consulting room, laboratory, machining workshop, instrument assembly; more than 5300K is a cool color, suitable for hot processing workshop, Gao Zhaodu places [1]. At present, the relevant international and domestic standards is the basic reference "ANSI C78.377", the color is divided into 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K this several grades, various temperature allowed color tolerance range as shown.


Therefore, LED light is usually the color temperature classification. But LED spotlights are mainly used in indoor lighting, color temperature is mainly concentrated in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5700K these grades.


In the "GB 50034-2004 architectural lighting design standards", long-term work or stay in the room or place, the color rendering index (Ra) should not be less than 80. In industrial buildings with a height of more than 6m, the Ra may be less than 80, but must be able to identify safe colors.


LED need to consider the standardization of the interface


In the LED spotlights to buy, you need to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer or packaging instructions, to determine the power supply voltage and product related parameters, including luminous flux, color temperature, power, color rendering index, angle, etc.. In indoor lighting, LED lamp purchase, first to determine the electric power directly, or the use of transformer power supply, in order to choose is to buy MR16 or other lamp; secondly to determine the spot lamp and light size; then you still need to confirm the required light angle range; finally requirements according to the "GB 50034-2004 architectural lighting design standards", according to the application to confirm the color rendering index in order to achieve the desired effect of lighting. If you do not understand the parameters of the lamp, you can see the equivalent of the package on the label, look at the equivalent of the number of traditional lamps, thus selecting.


The manufacturers of LED lamp manufacturers in order to solve a lot of uneven in quality, heat and power to place the issue of space, not entirely in accordance with IEC 60630 design lamp shape, and in some cases is to use the lamp as the light source of some light, therefore need to be clear whether the LED lamp can be loaded inside the lamp. If you can not load, but also need to purchase the matching with the lamp shell, the overall replacement. For MR16 spotlights, because of its front-end has an electronic transformer or power frequency transformer, the need to confirm the purchase of MR16 can be compatible with the transformer. If not compatible, there will be no flash or light. For the control of the dimming of the light, you also need to consider the compatibility of the lamp and the dimmer, otherwise there will be dimming when the lights flicker or dimming phenomenon.


(two) the development direction of LED spotlight and the standardization of its interface

At present, the LED spotlights are replaced by the traditional halogen tungsten lamp, which is limited by the shape, the lamp holder and the installation requirements, which makes the design of the LED spotlight difficult. In the size range of existing standard lamp, it is very difficult to do a LED lamp with high power and high luminous flux, and light distribution and heat dissipation, electrical safety and other aspects also faces many difficulties, long life, high efficiency etc. can not reflect the LED, is not conducive to the healthy development of LED lighting.


LED is a new type of light source, LED spotlight is one of the first to reflect the characteristics of LED applications. According to the characteristics of LED, the development of a new type of LED specification interface specifications. LED spotlights on the shape of the size of the module block, the parameters of sub files, standard interface, etc., to achieve LED modular and interchangeability, thereby promoting the healthy development of LED lighting.


At present, the international ZHAGA alliance, which has attracted from theUnited States, Asia and Europe hundreds of lamps, light source, LED module manufacturers and related industries, has been developed in the interface specification standard to carry out LED lamps. Its commitment to strengthen the LED module and its control in the mechanical, testing, parameters and other aspects of compatibility. Relevant technical specifications have been published, some of which have been revised many times. InChina, led by the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industry alliance led the Kingliming Technology and other companies, but also actively carry out related work.


Summary: with the LED technology continues to mature, the cost of reducing, LED spotlights have been initially popular, will be a large number of applications to a variety of occasions, but the development and popularization of LED lighting is also facing many problems. How to develop cost-effective LED spotlight; how to solve.

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