Differences Of LED Tube And Traditional Fluorescent Tube

- Mar 22, 2017-

First of all, it is the difference LED tube and traditional fluorescent tube. The size of LED fluorescent lamp and the traditional fluorescent lamp are the same. There are Four kinds, 1500px,3000px,3750px and 6000px.The power of LED tube are 10W, 18W,22W and 36W. But the traditional fluorescent lamp are 40W, 53W and 68W. So there are many advantages of LED tube light as below.


1. No noise: LED light won’t cause noise, It is the best choice for libraries and offices

2. Protect the vision: No flicker, good for our eyes

3. No UV and mosquitoes: LED lamps won’t give out UV light. It is very clean and tidy in the room

4. Energy saving and long lifespan:The power consumption of the traditional fluorescent lamp is the triple than the traditional fluorescent lamp. No need to change all the time.

5. Consolidate, reliable and durable use

6. Environmental protection

7. Efficient conversion, reduce heat

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