Dynasty Of Cold Forging Aluminum LED MR16 GU10 & PAR16

- Jan 18, 2017-

We have been launching the latest Cold Forging Aluminum LED MR16 GU10 & PAR16.


The following is its differences and standing out:


Coefficient of heat release: 250W/m.K: The heat inside is transferred outside very fast, and lamp body’s temperature is the same with the LED’s temperature, it can make the lamp lifetime much more longer;

Cut a small window on the PC base: Making use of cross-ventilation, the window can quickly transfer the heat individually, and make the dirver’s lifetime longer;


High watts: 7W 600lm: After solving the heat dissipation, we do make them up to 7w 600lm;


Well compatible with most of dimmers: Using the digital technology, it works well with most of the brand dimmers in North America, such as LUTRON, LEVITON and so on. Besides, our LED MR16 12V AC match well with electronic transformer too.


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