Kingliming Cold-forging Aluminum Led Spotlights 7w GU5.3 GU10 PAR16 Lamp LED Flood Light Bulbs

- Jan 04, 2017-

The advantages of cold-forging aluminum lamps when compare with ordinary alumunum led spotlights

1.The thermal conductivity of cold-forging aluminum is nearly three times than ordinary alumunum.(cold-forging aluminum:230,ordinary aluminum:80).It makes inside heat of lamp shortly conduct to outside.The lifespan of lamp will be much longer.

2.The two cooling holes by adopting funnel principle to make air convection.So it can take away much heat.Moreover,the cooling holes can seperate power supply and lamp body.Therefore,it can improve the lifespan of power supply.

3.Base on above advantages,Kingliming cold-forging aluminum led spotlights can make higher watts,7W and 600lm.The ordinary aluminum led spotlights are only made 5W,500lm.

4.The performance of dimming is very perfect and compatible with most of dimmers such as lutron ,leveton,ect...Especially MR16s can be compatible with both magnetic transformers and electronic transformers.

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