LED Spotlight's Brief And Basic Introduction

- Nov 09, 2016-

Spotlight is using a focusing lens or reflector into the light. Reflection of light-pointis relatively simple, illumination intensity, according picture of narrow and easy exposure to specific location set the lights in the scene, is the most used in studios and Studio lights. LED spotlights with LED as a light source.

Led spotlights and the difference is the spotlight, LED spotlight adopts LED lamp beads, rather than the traditional light bulb, LED lamp bead's life long service life than traditional light bulbs, function is the same, all play a role in concentrating.Led by LED spotlights highlight lamp beads, and 36 bulb and 54 light bead in two ways.

LED is generated by superconducting glowing crystals of ultra high strength light, it emits less heat and, unlike hot white light that emits large amounts of heat, unlikefluorescent lamps that due to the high consumption of energy and produce toxicgases nor require high voltage like a neon and easily damaged, has been recognized as a new generation of environmentally friendly high-tech products.

LED light source is a new source, low power consumption, high light efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, has incomparable advantages compared with traditional light sources, and is a national advocate, one of the keyprojects for the development of, and also lighting the way.

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