Low Consumption LED Spotlight 5W GU10 LED Dimmable

- Feb 23, 2017-

Low Consumption LED Spotlight 5W GU10 LED Dimmable

Product Description

Size:36 Dgree  |  Color:2700K(Warm White)


Socket Base: GU10
Input Wattage: 5 Watts
Input Voltage:AC 120V AV220V
Luminous Intensity: 400lm
CRI: > 80
Lifespan: over 25000 hours
Warranty: 2 years

Low Consumption LED Spotlight 5W GU10 LED Dimmable Description:
1)This High Power GU10 LED, offers a market leading 400Lm output which is an ideal option for work areas needing brighter light. 
2)With more than 25000-hour lifespan, this kind of LED bulbs can reduce your bulb changing frequency and maintenance costs.
3) This retrofit LED bulb fits straight into most existing fittings but please refer to the listed specifications should you wish to double check the LEDs fitting size.
4)Easy to install. It is safe for any workplace needing brighter lights. There is no hazardous materials left which shows its environmentally friendly.
5)Once you turn on your lights, all of our LED will start to save your energy using less electricity while saving your electricity bill.

Why Buy yourself a COB LED Bulb:
* COB, (Chips on Board) multi LED chips are packaged together. COB LEDs have great advantage of thermal resistance, larger cooling area, better lighting effect and high light efficacy. 
* High CRI (Color Rendering Index) means that the LED is emitting more of the color spectrum than typical LEDs do. Your typical bright-blue tint LED drops red, orange and aqua wavelengths, but modern high CRI emitters do a better job of outputting the entire spectrum and the soft light will protect your eyes.

  • Low Consumption: It is 40W halogen bulbs equivalent. Our LED light bulbs save electricity cost instead of traditional halogen lamps by only using 5w of power to run.

  • ETL-Listed. CE, RoHS compliant. There is no any hazardous materials like mercury or lead left and free from electromagnetic disturbance.

  • Complete Dimmability: Next-generation LED technology delivers seamless dimming capabilities to your living room, dining room and bedroom for an inviting atmosphere.

  • Long Lifespan: With more than 25000-hour lifespan, it can reduce your bulbs changing frequency and maintenance costs.

  • Standard GU10 base which support plug-and-play, simply replace your halogen light. And our three-year unlimited warranty means we have got you covered! Contact us for an easy and fast replacement.

Low Consumption LED Spotlight 5W GU10 LED Dimmable Applications:
Perfect for home, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining Room, hallway, kitchen,studio, restaurant, hotel, library,meeting room, show room, shop window etc. 

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