Main Parameters Of LED Panel Light

- Nov 09, 2016-

Light type: SMD

Light phase: positive glow or shine

Exterior dimensions: 1200x300mm 300x300mm 300x600mm 600x600mm 600x1200mm

Power: 12W 18W 21W 36W 48W 72W, 85W, 90W

Input voltage: AC85-265V/50-60Hz

Luminous flux: 80-100lm/w

Surface luminance: >6000lux

Color temperature: 3000-6500k

Material: aluminum + (optical-grade) Acrylic

Protection class: IP40 life: >50000H

Color: Ra>75

Led service life of 50,000 hours

From green lighting design considerations, LED panel light materials, environmental protection, low power consumption, light emitting efficiency and lighting were better than the grille, truly to enjoy during the day, night lighting. Which is graduallyreplaced by T8 fluorescent lamp as light source of the grille. LED fluorescent lampPanel lamp life is 10 times.

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