More Energy-efficient LED Light Source Green

- Nov 09, 2016-

LED is a solid light, shock-resistant unbreakable no pollution, waste recycling, reducing the high level of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen compounds and other harmfulgases, as well as the generation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases toimprove people's living environment, called "green lighting. "

Producing white light LED technology currently has three species:

Using three primary colors theory and has been able to produce red, green and blue super bright LED light 1:2:0.38 mix, white.

Two kinds of ultra high InGan blue LED, on the tube always add a few yttrium drillpomegranate of fluorescent powder, it is able to produce yellow-green under blue light inspired, and Blu-ray burning in the yellow and green light and can be usedwith synthetic white light.

Three are not UV-LED, UV light activated phosphor powder or other phosphor, multicolor blend of white light.

Of course, saving energy is the main reason we consider using an LED light source, perhaps LED light source is more expensive than traditional light sources, but about a year back light source of energy-saving investments, resulting in 4-9 several times a year in energy conservation covered net charge.

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