New Product Kingliming LED Eyeball Lights - Less Is More

- Dec 27, 2016-

As a trend of LED lighting industrial, LED lighting parts and accessories are being replaced by integrated LED lighting fixtures. At the end of the year 2016, Kingliming released a new lighting fixture, IC rated recessed led eyeball lights.

Kingliming eyeball led downlight is an upgraged and improved lighting products of traditional ceiling lights, cabinet lights and other can lighting products. The biggest benefit of kingliming eyeball light is ic rated, while the existing lighting products in the market have to be installed with a old big heavy can fixtures and covered with asbestos as isolation. Kingliming eyeball light can be installed directly, no need any extra accessories. This will cut down the time and labour cost, and of course the money on the accensories for installment.

Thanks to the small size of kingliming eyeball light, you will be suprised by the money you save on the shipping and delivery.

Take these benefits of kingliming eyeball downlight fixture into consideration, it is perfect for new construction lighting projects on all kinds of applications, homes, stores, super markets, etc. Let’s get your new life started with kingliming gimbal led eyeball light.

We believe less is more, kingliming led recessed eyeball lights will save your energy/purchase cost and simplify your life style.

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