Simple Advantage of Kingliming Gimbal LED Light

- Dec 28, 2016-

Gimbal LED Light is an upgrade product of traditional ceiling light, cabinet light and spotlight.

Speaking from safety aspect, most of the traditional recessed lighting (or even led recessed lighting) is Not IC-Rated, because that, it would need CAN, Fixture and Fireproof Asbestos when install those lamps. In the other hand, Kingliming LED Eyeball Light IS IC-Rated, so no need any extra accessory or fixture, just install them simply.

See what benefit can get from LED Eyeball Light,

1 Installation, when install traditional recessing light and all those accessory, it is a complicate process. For LED Eyeball Light, the installation is much simple, comes with faster installation time and less labor cost.

2 Shipping, comparing with volume of traditional recessing light, CAN, Fixture and Fireproof Asbestos, volume of Kingliming Led Eyeball Light is much small, simply reducing the shipping cost.

So, our Led Eyeball Light is very suitable for new decorative housing, cabinet and store etc. When using LED Eyeball Light, it will save your cost and bring you a concise lighting.

Kingliming Technology now brings customers high quality Dimmable COB 8W LED Gimbal Light with long lifespan and low voltage from its professional factory. Thanks to the high quality products and excellent service, we are well-known as one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to wholesale this quality LED lights for sale with us.

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Dimmable COB 8W LED Gimbal Light

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