Some Basic Features Of LED MR16

- May 22, 2017-

LED MR16 lamps and lanterns take LED as the illumination source's lamp, in today's energy conservation environment protection for the world mainstream development trend under the big background, LED MR16 lamp has received the widespread attention from all walks of life. So, what kind of magic power does this new type of lighting have, which can make the whole world fascinated by it? Here we will go to explore its mysterious characteristics.


LED MR16 lamp has high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and long life. Besides this, it has some unique charm which other lighting lamps do not have. It has been affirmed by the world.


1 LED MR16 lamp with strong reliability, low heat, no radiation, cold light source, safe touch: can accurately control the light type and angle, soft light, no glare; no mercury, sodium may be a health hazard. The built-in micro processing system can control the luminous intensity, adjust the light emitting mode, and realize the combination of light and art.


2 LED MR16 lamp is conducive to environmental protection, LED light for all solid body, shock resistance, impact resistance is not easy broken, no pollution, easy installation and maintenance. Of course, such is the main reason we consider using the LED MR16 lamp, LED lamp may be expensive than the traditional light source, but with such a year to recover the investment cost, resulting in 4 ~ 9 years every year several times such period of net income.


3. LED MR16 light consumption less, LED single tube power 0.03 ~ 0.06 watts, using DC drive, single tube drive voltage 1.5 ~ 3.5 volts, current 15~18 Ma, reaction speed, high frequency operation. In the same lighting effect, the power consumption is 1/8 of an incandescent bulb and 1/2 of a fluorescent tube. Bridge guardrail lamp, a fluorescent lamp of the same effect more than 40 watts, and the power of LED MR16 each only 8 watt, energy-saving effect is self-evident.


4. LED MR16 lamp has high luminous efficiency. After several decades of technical improvement, the luminous efficiency has been greatly improved. Incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, light efficiency of 12-24 lumens / watt, fluorescent lamp 50~70 lumens / tile, sodium lamp 90~140 lumens / tile, most of the power consumption into heat loss. The light efficiency of LED MR16 will be up to 50~200 lumens / watt after improvement, and its light color is good and the spectrum is narrow. Without filtering, it can directly emit colored visible light.


5. LED MR16 lamp long service life, the use of electronic light field radiation, there is no luminous filament, easy burning, heat deposition, light attenuation and other shortcomings. Moreover, the LED MR16 lamp is small in size, light in weight, able to withstand high mechanical shock and vibration, and is not easily broken. Can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of lamps, lamps often avoid suffering.

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