Some Knowledge Of LED Spotlight Lens

- May 08, 2017-

LED on the market accounted for more and more heavy light, shopping malls and counters are involved in lighting. As a whole, the market is most concerned about the effect of LED spotlights and light efficiency, so the design of an important part of the lens LED spotlights on the challenge.


How to design high light transmittance, high grade, low cost lens has become an important research field of LED spotlight. Therefore, the design of the lens needs to be satisfied: one is the novelty of the lens; the two is the effective transmittance of the lens; the three is the visual effect of the lens and the lamp. According to these three points, the current market there are three common lenses:


The first lens with external face armor, a design of smooth eye center.


The second kinds of lenses are designed by using the surface of free surface, near surface and smooth surface.


The free-form surface design using third lens side wall, nearly smooth eye bead surface, light angle adjustable 250-600, generally use the PC material, can be used for maximum COB light source lamp surface diameter 14mm, the optical transmittance can reach 94% maximum effective.


The first and the second kinds of lenses generally use PC material, high temperature resistance, light source can be used for SMD light source module or COB light source, the light angle 300-600 adjustable, uniform light. When the external view, the modular patch light source can be broken by the compound eye bead surface, the visual effect is COB, and the selectivity of the light source is enlarged.


In addition, from the market demand for high-end combination of light manufacturing costs, a lens with a variety of light source design, LED designers need to focus on. Reasonable selection of eye bead surface and external scales on the lens, not only can make the visual effect of the whole lamp decoration, design problems and can effectively solve the different light source, different lens, saves a large amount of design time for luminaire makers.

The design of LED spotlight lens has been more beautiful and common development, how to improve the effective transmittance of lens, spot uniformity, sharing will be the main direction of the design.



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