Some Knowledge When Purchasing LED Spotlight

- Apr 24, 2017-

According to the light spot size can be divided into PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 these kinds of commonly used lamp holder has GU10, E27, E14 and so on, this kind of spotlight is the use of 85~265VAC power supply. In addition, there is a MR16 spotlight, the lamp cap is GU5.3, is the use of 12VAC power supply, the front end there is an electronic transformer or power transformer will be converted to 12VAC 220VAC.


The angle of the spotlight is generally below 65 degrees, mainly for local lighting, lighting and other places. Most of the manufacturers LED spotlight angle is concentrated in 12 degrees, 24 degrees, 36 degrees of these ranges.


According to the "GB 50034-2004" the design standard of building lighting, indoor lighting color temperature of light source can be divided into three groups, less than 3300K for the warm, suitable for rooms, bedrooms, rooms, bars and restaurants; 3300K ~ 5300K as intermediate color, suitable for office, classroom, reading room, consulting room, laboratory, machining workshop, instrument assembly; more than 5300K is a cool color, suitable for hot processing workshop, high brightness places. At present, the international and domestic basic standards are cited "ANSI C78.377", the color temperature is divided into 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K these grades.


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