The Advantage Of Laser Hair Growth Helmet

- Sep 04, 2019-

The features of  Laser Hair Growth Helmet are:

1.Power semiconductor laser therapy,with high energy density,deep layer of action and remarkable effect.


2.Silicon Valley Technology Professional LLLT soft laser therapy technology,the core laser technology for black hair. Soft laser with a spectrum of 650nm gold wavelength,light energy that can be specifically absorbed by dermal papilla melanocytes.


3.Up to 160 full laser irradiation points,of course,the more quantity of laser tubes,the greater the energy density,the better the effect.


4.Low power less than1mW soft laser European stand1. The main eature of the hair growth laser technology is loward safety standard technology,Usesafely.


5.Low power less than 1mW soft laser European standard safety standard technology,usesafely.


6.Intelligent time management,20 minutes of optimal soft laser treatment time,one-button simple operation,and the helmet will sound promptly and turns off prompt automatically.


7.All power supplies have electromagnetic radiation,so we use an external 18650 lithium battery mobile power supply, equipped with advanced Micro data cable to minimize the electromagnetic radiation of the power supply to the hair.


8.Ingeniously crafted,perfect ergonomic trend design,high lighting the cool personality of the personality,thoughtful design from the interior and circuit laser tube layout.You can use it with confidence.

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