The Beauty of Kingliming LED Eyeball Downlight

- Dec 27, 2016-

As North Americans started to using no can type LED lighting fixtures, kingliming released a totally new product, led recessed eyeball lights.

Kingliming led eyeball lights,also named with gimbal led lights, is unique and different from the regular recessed downlights in the market. We can distinguish it very easily from the appearance.

Firstly, from the front side view, kingliming gimbal light looks like an eyeball, it also can named with eyeball light or fish eyeball light because it is almost a real eyeball, looks really nice as a downlight.

Secondly, kingliming gimbal downlight is rotatable easily and smoothly, while other products in the market are very difficult when rotate. Kingliming gimbal light is 360 degree rotatable with 45 degree tilt. It can illuminate any objects under the gimbal light. If you want to adjust the angle, just move the lens and the eyeball slightly, it will remain and keep the same angle all the time. With the efforts of the structure design engineers of kingliming, this gimbal light is seamless. It rotates just like an humen eyeball, flexible and nature.

In addition, kingliming gimbal offer high lumens up to 750lm or higher. Thanks to the super high brightness COB LED chips, this light is bright enough to replace the traditional halogens 70 watts.

Kingliming gimbal light is so unique in the market because it is kingliming private model. Besides the benefits of the appearance, we will introduce more advantages next time. 

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