The Simple And Convenient Of The LED Eyeball Light

- Dec 30, 2016-

The NEW GIMBAL LIGHT is the complete upgrading to the traditional ceiling light, cabinet light and spotlight.

In terms of safety, the traditional light is non IC-Rated, but our led gimbal light is IC-Rated. Therefore, in order to Consistent with the requirements of safety specifications, it has to add cans fixture and fireproof asbestos when installing traditional ceiling light and spot light. However, our gimbal light can be directly installed without any extra accessories.

In installation, it makes the installation quite be complex because many extra accessories are needed for the traditional light. Obviously it is so simple and convenient to install the led gimbal light, thus, it greatly improves the installation’s speed and time (efficient).

In terms of volume, it is occupied very large for the traditional light with CAN fixture and fireproof asbestos. But the new gimbal led down light is one kinds of concentrated and integral lamp; it is very small, it greatly reduces the transportation costs and handling costs itself.

Therefore, the new gimbal light is suitable for new house cabinet, shops, shopping mall, etc. Generally speaking, use (select) new led eyeball light, simple your life, save your costs.  

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