The Wonderful Of The Gimbal LED Downlight

- Dec 30, 2016-

There are many differences between the gimbal led down light and the general ceiling light. Here I tell the differences from their appearances.

Firstly, it looks like the bull’s eyes and also like the fish’s eyes from the front view, so it is called bull's eye light (eyeball light), fish eye light, it is very beautiful and elegant for 3D-perception.

Secondly ,it is quite difficult for the general ceiling light to rotate, while it is easy and 45degrees freely rotatable for the gimbal light due to professional rotation technique. It needs to only touch one point slightly if want to light anywhere for subjects under the lamp .

Besides, it does not change the beam directions without moving by somebody. Moreover, when rotating, it makes a seamless connection between the rotating light body and the fixed part, just like the eye is turning, it is very beautiful.

Lastly, it adopts the ultra brightness COB, the 8w light is with 750lm,it can replace the traditional 70w halogen lamp completely.

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