What is the Advantages of LED Pot Light Bulbs

- Dec 29, 2016-

LED pot light is a new generation gimbal light, which can be replace of traditional led recessed lighting, led cabinet light and spotlights. Our factory kingliming is undergoing a total upgrade.

There are many advantages for our new led lights.

1. Installation is very simple, our 3inch integrated down lights are IC-Rated, greatly improve the speed and efficiency of installation. It is different from traditional led recessed lighting. Our led eyeball lights can directly to install, no need of extra accessories, such as CAN, fixture and fire-resistant cotton.

2. Small size which can greatly reduce the transportation cost for customers. Traditional led lamps have a very big size for CAN, fixture and fire-resistant cotton. Kingliming new pot lights can solve this problem and help our customers to save cost.

3. Wide applications. New gimbal light is a very great choice for new houses illumination and commercial lighting.

To buy kingliming new pot lights can make your life to be simple and help you to save money! Welcome to contact us!

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