What Kinds Of Characteristics Should High Quality LED Spotlight Have?

- Mar 06, 2017-

LED Spotlights is a kind of common commercial Home Furnishing lighting, the performance of space and color are very strong and unique, or bright or dark or real or imaginary...... LED Spot Lights can give the environment to taste and mood. Then the LED Spotlight GU10 LED Bulbs should be well with what characteristics?


In general, good quality LED GU10 Spot should meet: light quality, reasonable lamp structure, excellent optical design, reliable quality characteristics such as driving power, following the terms to explain its specific meaning in detail.


1 Good Light Quality. The so-called light quality, light quality index evaluation standard of LED Spot E27 products including CT, CRI, R9 value and color difference. As the business environment Home Furnishing lighting lamp, LED lamp indoor General requirements: color temperature of 2700K-3500k; color is higher than 85; the R9 value higher than 20; the color tolerance within 3Step.


2 Reasonable Lamp Structure. High quality LED Spot MR16 need to do optical design of internal reflection structure, and with anti dazzle light ring to ensure no glare, and is equipped with special optical reflector, to meet the light interception angle greater than 30 degrees less than 45 degrees, to shine out wall lighting not bright effect. At the same time requirements of lighting have adjustable angle function, the realization of 0-30 degrees longitudinal swing angle and level angle can be adjusted.


3 Excellent Optical Design. Excellent optical design requirements of GU10 LED Spotlights beam angle has a relatively accurate angle, beautiful and natural light spot. In the commercial Home Furnishing lighting, beam angle is one of the effective ways to light a sense of the level of construction, the general beam angle LED Lamp is divided into narrow, narrow, medium wide, wide type. LED Spotlights requirements are: good for spot edge to avoid similar tire marks; the center position or the edge light type should not appear macula; neat beautiful; center to the edge of the laser spot halo retreat to the natural transition.


4 Reliable Power Supply. High quality LED Spotlight Bulbs has higher requirement of power supply adopts the design of low THD, high power factor, equipment line interference, so as to ensure the stability of the power supply, no flicker, and adaptation of dimming system.


Think of Kingliming as a focus on research and innovation of the LED application products, the production of LED Lamps with reliable quality to win a good reputation in the industry, the LED Lamp: LED GU10, LED PAR Lamp, LED MR16 Bulb 3 series, can meet different application scenarios and applications.



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