What’s the Beauty of LED Eyeball Lights

- Dec 29, 2016-

There are many differences between led eyeball lights and traditional led recessed ceiling lights, we will choose one point the appearance to introduce for you.

1. By appearances from the front, it looks like the eye of bull and fish, so in China, also named “bull eye lamp” or “fish eye lamp”. It is very beautiful for stereoscopic sensation.

2. Old recessed ceiling lights are very difficult to rotate. Kingliming led eyeball downlights adopt great rotation technique, which can allow random ratation by 45°. And it is very easy to control the angle of what you need. It is like our eye, very flexible, very artistic.

3. Our factory use super brightness 8w cob led, the eyeball lights can reach 750lm, which can directly replace of traditional 70w halogen lights.    

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