What’s The Lamps Base E27, MR16, GU10 Stand For?

- May 15, 2017-

B---- Bayonet cap, such as B22, followed by digital surface lamp holder size bayonet

E----- Screw holder, such as E27, E14, E17, the figures behind indicate the circumference of the lamp cap Edison

G----- Two or more than two protruding contacts, such as pins or terminals - the latter figure refers to the distance between the centers of the two pins, such as G9, G4, G5.3, and GU10 (U means the pins are cylindrical)

R----- Lamp holder with recessed contacts, such as R7S

P----- Pre focusing lamp caps such as PAR30, PAR20, 20, and 30 are indicated

How is Bulb shape divided? This is based on the spherical lamp shell diameter to the division, but the current LED bulb lamp, lamp shell part changed little, but the radiator part shape has many forms, specifically how to Division I don't know.

To say that MR16, it actually refers to the cup, which is what we usually say MR16 lamp shell, to see that this is a British nomenclature, where MR is the representative of the multi reflection cup (Multifaceted Reflector), the 16 is the length of the diameter of the representative, the factor of how many units long, the provisions of 8 units is 1 inches long. In the case of MR16, the diameter is 16 Units long ago, diameter is 2 inches, 2x2.54cm=5.08cm, diameter is about 5cm. long the current MR16 LED lamp, lamp cup size is MR16 according to the traditional halogen lamps, is no longer the multiple reflection cup mean.

Now, GU10, it actually refers to the lamp, and MR16 are two different concepts. At present the market general statement has confused the two, so there are many professionals are not aware of. GU which is a cylindrical contact, the 10 refers to the two contact is the distance between 10mm. addition, universal lamp holder there are G5.3, E27, which are pin and screw type lamp holder, behind the figure refers to the distance between the two pin and screw in diameter respectively. (note the difference between G5.3 and GU10, a lot of people have not the distinction between the two.)

MR English Multifaceted Reflector abbreviation for multi reflector

16 inch 16 inch =50.8 =2 English unit (mm). Common MR11 PAR20 caliber caliber PAR30

G5.3 light foot spacing of 5.3mm, common G4, G8, G9 and so on

MR16 used to be mostly halogen bulbs, and now also has LED high-power MR16 bulbs

There are 3 kinds of lamp socket, E27, MR16 and GU10.

MR16, E27, GU10 refers to different specifications of the lamp holder, a lamp that they also called the cup.

E27 refers to the screw thread diameter of 27mm screw holder, E14 is thread diameter 14mm of the screw lamp holder.

And E40 and so on.

MR16 = 50mm * 1/8=2 inch diameter =16 in appearance, MR series is a fine pin, MR16 is a low voltage lamp.

The GU:G indicates that the lamp holder type is inserted, and the U indicates that the lamp head is partially U shaped. The back figure indicates the center distance of the foot hole (mm mm). The GU10 is two rounded pins, and the GU10 is a high voltage lamp

Common sense of lamp holder specification: E27, E40, E14 (excerpt from others)

From the installation into a bayonet and a screw etc., from the material into bakelite, plastics, metals, ceramics and other materials, such as E27 is usually used lamp energy-saving lamp screw socket lamp holder is the most common, and with the fluorescent lamp is usually called the T8 lamp or T5 lamp and so on, according to the use environment some lamp protection class up to IP68, at the time of purchase according to the need to develop IP protection level corresponding to the lamp holder (waterproof socket), usually will use IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission Standard Safety Certification).

Lampholders classification:

E14, E27, E12, E26 and other E start is usually: screw socket

GU10 and so on GU refers to the beginning of our daily bayonet type, GU:G indicates that the lamp holder type is inserted, U means that the lamp head part presents U glyph, and the back figure indicates the center distance of the foot hole (unit is mm MM).

MR16 and MR11 begin with MR. It is a small projection lamp with straight in place lighting. Usually, the lamp holder has two pins and is easy to install.

MR16 GU10 is the holder of PAR30,38 is different, different diameter, is a world standard and name, is called the lamp lamp, lamp holder, suitable for different day lantern.

MR16 in the lighting industry refers to the largest outer diameter of 2 inches of multi reflector lamp, MP11 is smaller than MR16 lamps,.

MRMR: Multiface Reflect (cup), multi reflection behind the digital representation of cup caliber (the unit is 1/8 inches), MR16 diameter =16 * 1/8=2 = 50mm.

PAR PAR30 PAR36 PAR46 PAR56 lamp size, length, also called downlight, irradiation beam, for stage lighting, dynamic color change, is a common lamp on the stage, because the power consumption is relatively large, and baked feeling, is now gradually being replaced LED PAR lamp

AR111/AR70 is an aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlight

E27, E14 refers to the ordinary screw burner lamp holder size, E27 is our usual use of incandescent lamp holder, E14 is smaller than it, larger than the E27, and E40.

The G12 is a single ended tubular metal halide lamp.

MR16 low voltage lamp

In the lighting industry, a luminaire with a reflector with a maximum diameter of 2 inches.

The model of the lamp consists of English letters and numbers.

MR is the abbreviation for English Multifaceted (Mirror) Reflector, which means a reflector made up of multiple reflector groups. MR:Multiface Reflect, a reflection (cup),

The figure represents the maximum shape of the bulb, a multiple of 1/8 inches. So the "16" represents the maximum size of the lamp is 2 inches is 50mm.

GU10 high voltage lamp

The GU:G indicates that the lamp holder type is inserted, and the U indicates that the lamp head is partially U shaped. The back figure indicates the center distance of the foot hole (mm MM).

GU10 is a type of lamp holder. There are many kinds of lamp caps, such as GX6.35, GY9.5, GY6.5, E27, GX16D and so on.

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