Why Kingliming Cold Forging Aluminum COB LED MR16, GU10 And PAR16 So Good

- Jan 06, 2017-

Why Kingliming Cold Forging Aluminum COB LED MR16, GU10 and PAR16 So Good


Thermal conductivity of Cold Forging Aluminum is about 230, simply comparing, thermal conductivity of Die Casting Aluminum is about 80. When using Cold Forged Aluminum as lamp shell, it helps transfer the heat to outside of the lamp much quicker, eventually prolong the lifespan of LEDs light source.


Using the stack principle, opens 3 small windows on plastic base, in brief, it is AirFlux Design, this design not just help the heat dissipation, but also help to form thermoelectric separation between driver and lamp shell, so longer lifespan for driver as well.


Because material and unique design, Kingliming able to make our Cold Forged Aluminum COB LED MR16, GU10 and PAR16 to 7W and over 600 lumen when small size. If using same size Die Casting Aluminum and Plastic Coated Aluminum shell produce 7W Spotlight, they likely will give customers a discount on lifespan.


Further, their dimmable performance is excellent as adopting digital dimming technology, meanwhile compatible with most of dimmer, like LUTRON, LEVITON etc. LED MR16 also compatible with both electronic and magnetic transformer.

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